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Lord Willingdon

List of Most Famous Sports Personalities | Top 5 Sports Personalities

Lord Willingdon, the Viceroy of India from 1932 to 1936, did a great deal to encourage sports and sports manship in India. He had behind him a period spent as President of M.C.C. This endeaured him to the Indian sportsmen who saw in him a great helper and a friend.

Before becoming the Viceroy, Willingdon had been the Governor of Bombay which was the headquarters of the Indian cricket. He did much for the Indian cricket at a time when aspiration was greater than the achieve ment.

"It is not too much to say that, through Willingdon's encouragement and assistance, cricket was in this period established as the national game of India."

"He did much to arrange more and better cricket, taking always the more active interest, always finding time in the middle of a busy life to devote his valued attention to the sporting problems of those who came to him."

Willingdon spread the gospel of the game which he loved. He arranged festivals involving team and players from all parts of the country. It was during his tenure as Viceroy that India first went on tour to England in 1932. He was patron of the Indian Board of Cricket Control. England toured India during 1933- 34. The second Indian visit to England took place in 1936. Willingdon appointed Lord Brabourne as the Governor of Bombay who shared his enthusiasm for cricket and the Brabourne Stadium was built in Bombay during his tenure. This is a memorial to his work for the sportsmen of our country.

Maharaja Bhupinder SinghList of Most Famous Sports Personalities | Top 5 Sports Personalities

Maharaja Bhupinder Singh, the "King" of Patiala, was also the King of Sport. He played cricket with a verve and lighted a flame of enthusiasm in the heart of others. He loved hitting sixes but he was no slogger. Rather he was a batsman of class and grace. He was known as the Trumper of India.

His son, Yadavendra Singh, has also played a great role in encouraging sports and sportsmanship in the country. In fact, Patiala has been the leading light of Indian sportsmen. The institute for training in sports is rightly located there.

R.E. Grant Govan

List of Most Famous Sports Personalities | Top 5 Sports Personalities

Mr. R.E. Grant Govan was the founder of the Indian Board of Cricket Control, of the Cricket Club of India, and the Roshanrara Club.

This leading industrialist of Delhi was a remarkable man. He was not a cricketer himself but he had profound enthusiasm for the cause of Indian sport. He devoted a great deal of his time and a great deal of his money for the furtherance of this cause.

The Roshanara Club in Delhi was not wholly and solely devoted to cricket. It was "social" in the full sense of the word It was the first mixed club in the capital because it was open to all, regardless of creed, class or colour.

Grant Govan's contribution to the encouragement of sports in Delhi and India was summed up by Sir John Thompson, the Chief Commissioner of Delhi, in an after dinner speech during the visit of M.C.C. to India in 1933- 34.

"If we have a Grant Govan, then we have no need of a grant !"

Nawab of Pataudi

List of Most Famous Sports Personalities | Top 5 Sports Personalities

The Nawab of Pataudi and his young son have play ed a great part in helping Indian sports to flourish and make national and internal progress.

Like the House of Patiala, the House of Pataudi will be gratefully remembered by all coming generations of sportsmen in our country.

The Nawab of Pataudi was the first great Indian sportsman to work positively for India although like Ranji and Duleep he bad learned his cricket from England. He was a sportsman through and through. He was never happier than when he was playing one of the many games he loved.

"Next to cricket, he was more than able polo player and a fine horseman. It was, perhaps, strangely and sadly appropriate that he should meet his death in sport on the polo field. I think, he had his choice, he would have wished it to be."

Amar Singh and Wazir Ali

List of Most Famous Sports Personalities | Top 5 Sports Personalities

Many Indian cricketers of today have been influenced by the examples of Amar Singh, and Wazir Ali.

Just as Amar Singh "always" seemed to run through a side, Wazir Ali "always" seemed to hit a century in big games.

Amar Singh came from Jamnagar, the home town of Ranji. He was medium-fast bowler, similar in style to Maurice Tate or Alec Bedser. His big hands allowed him to impart considerable cut on the ball. his peak between 1932 and 1936. He was at During both the years he travelled with the Indian team to England. He died of pneumonia in his thirtieth year.

List of Most Famous Sports Personalities | Top 5 Sports Personalities

Wazir Ali of Bhopal was an opening batsman of high class. He was a most attractive and colourful player. Wazir Ali died in 1950 at the age of forty seven of diabetes.