Essay on Advertising for Students (350 words)


Essay on Advertising

Advertising is the concept of communicating a message about goods and services to a customer. Advertising is done using various media like TV, print, radio, online, outdoor, etc. Where advertisements are showcased showing the value to the customer. Advertising is one of the most critical components of marketing.

Importance of Advertising:

Several companies are producing goods and products, which are critical for a customer to fulfill their needs. However, with tremendous competition and limited span of attention for a customer, it becomes difficult for a customer to know about a product or service. Hence advertising plays an important role in communication the value of promotion of a company offering to the customer, An advertisement clearly highlights the product or service, it's utility and also builds a connect with customers. Advertising and marketing brand enables to reach out teach about the product and ensure that the customer is always about the company. All these things can influence the buying behaviour of a customer.

These days companies have dedicated teams and managers who look after the advertising strategy of a company. The role of these employees is to have an advertising plan, allocate an advertising budget, create an advertising campaign, and ensure that ad teaches out to many customers as possible.

Components of Advertising:

Advertising can be broadly broken down into four major components:
  1. Advertising strategy: Focuses on the message. Customer segment to be targeted and the budget.
  2. Advertising media: Choosing the most appropriate advertising channel, medium, or media to reach out to the customers.
  3. Creative idea: This is the message or the visual which can be made to attract the customer.
  4. Creative execution: The final advertisement created based on creative ideas.

Types of Advertising Media:

Advertising is a massive exercise for any company. These are many options where ads can be showcase through advertising medium companies often use all the media available to do a 360-degree branding. Some different types of advertising media used by companies are mentioned below:
  1. T.V.
  2. Radio
  3. Print
  4. Online
  5. Outdoor
  6. Mobile. etc.