Rules of Track and Field for beginners -

Rules of Track and Field
Where women's events are held there shall be appointed as many women officials as may be appropriate, including a woman doctor, when possible.

The Manager

1. The Manager shall have charge of the meeting and be responsible for the proper carrying out of the programme. 

The Technical Manager

2. The Technical Manager shall act directly under the manager and shall be responsible for the maintenance of tracks, equipment, scoring, etc. 

Jury of Appeal

3. The decision of the Jury shall be final. 


4. The Umpires shall be assistants to the referee without the power to give any decisions.

Women's Entries

5. All women's entries must be accompanied by a certificate as to sex, issued by a qualified medical doctor recognised by the National Association. 


6. Doping is the employment of drugs with the intention of increasing athletic efficiency by the stimulating action upon muscles or nerves, or by paralysing the sense of fatigue. Doping is depreciated both morally and on grounds of health.


7. In all international competitions, the implements used must comply with the specifications for official implements adopted by the International Athletic Associations Federation.