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Rules of Volleyball: How to play Volleyball
These laws are valid for both feminine and masculine teams, established by the Commission for the Laws of the Game at Florence, November 27, 1955.


1. The court should be 18 into 9 m. from all obstructions on a height of 7 m.

Centre Line

2. The centre line is the net dividing the court into two equal parts.
Rules of Volleyball: How to play Volleyball

The Net

3. The net should be 1 m wide and 9.50 m. long. A flexible cable running through the bands of white canvas shall stretch the top of the net.

The height should be 2 m, 43 cm. for men and 2 m. for women teams.

The Ball

4. The ball should be spherical, made if possible of a 12-piece leather case inside of which is a rubber or similar material bladder.


5. The captains draw lots for the choice of court or service. The winner can choose one of them.


6. The service is the putting off the ball in play by the player at right back, who hits the ball with his hand (open or closed) or any part of the arm to send it over the net into the opponent's court.

The player goes in the area reserved for the purpose and hits the ball.

Choice of Service

7. Every player making the service must continue to serve until the referee sanctions a fault of his team.

Change of Service

8. Change of service takes place when the serving team commits a fault.

Change of Service

9. The team that receives the ball for service shall immediately rotate clockwise.

Hitting the Ball

10. The ball can be struck by any part of the body including down to the belt.

Balls clearly hit beneath with both hands are good.


11. A game is won when one team leads by two points with a minimum of 15 points.

When a team receiving the ball cannot send it back over the net correctly into the opponents' court, a point shall be given to the opposite side.

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