Rules and Guidelines in Weightlifting -



Rules and Guidelines in Weightlifting -
The bar is placed horizontally in front of the weight-lifter's feet. It is seized, hands flat, and brought to the shoulder in one lift, either bending the body or flexing the legs.

The bar must then rest on the clavicles, the chest or the fully bent arms, while feet are held together or apart but at the same level and the legs straight.

Second Phase

Upon the referee's signal, raise the bar to complete simultaneous extension of the arms, smoothly without stopping, without bending the legs, without leaning back exaggeratedly, without moving or shifting feet.

Remain in the final position, immobile, until receiving the referee's signal to lower the bar.

Incorrect Movements

The following are considered incorrect movements:-
  1. Starting before the referee's signal.
  2. Shouldering in jerks.
  3. Knee-bending.
  4. Flexing the terms after the referee's signal.
  5. Flexing the torso.
  6. Leaning back excessively under the bar.
  7. Alternative extension of the arms.
  8. Hesitation during arm extension.
  9. Incomplete arm extension.
  10. Rotation of the trunks.
  11. Shifting the feet.
  12. Raising the toes and heels.
  13. Lowering the bar before referee's signal.


The score is made on the basis of the avoidance of all these faults by a jury whose decision is final.

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