Essay on Nature for Students and Children -



Essay on Nature for Students or Children -

Essay on Nature

Nature is the most beautiful gift given to man by God. Through the ages, nature has attracted man’s attention towards its various features.

It is unbelievable if anybody says that he does not love nature. Just look at your surroundings, you will find the branches of the green trees, waving in the slow wafts of the air.

Then we have dewdrops that shine like silver beads on the green grass in the early moments of the day. We cannot ignore the sun, the moon, and the stars. William's words worth was right in saying “Nature never did betray the heart that loved her.” Man is too small to estimate the full personality of nature. If it can be a hard mass of rocks, it can also be a soft and sweet liquid of the rivers and seas.

In a real sense, man is part and parcel of nature.

Beauties of Nature

Nature is the best friend to a man at every step. We have trees and grasses which are useful in many respects.

There are now only a few people who really care about the beauties of nature. You must have seen a rainbow in the sky. How beautiful it looks. It often comes out in the sky just at the end of the rain. Have you ever imagined how beautiful the mountains look when they get covered with snow!

In the morning try to bring your eyes down to the grass, growing in your lenses. You will see the dew-drops shining like pearls on blades of grass.

You must have also seen patches of gray clouds running in the sky in the monsoon season. Really nature has never-ending beauties in its store.