Essay on Hockey for Students and Children in 600+ word -





Essay on Hockey for Students and Children in 600+ word -

India has made the greatest impression in the international games on the field of hockey. In game alone we have reigned supreme and unchallenged.

India's success in hockey has been greater than that in cricket or in any other game. What is even more remarkable, this great success has come to us without any stars to guide us. We have had very fine hockey players but usually our victories have been the fruit of the team spirit which has infused our players. It is a game of the Indian people and the Indian people get the honour for the victories won abroad.

Our Hockey Summit

India first competed in the Olympic Games in 1928 and ever since we have resisted every challenge to our hockey summit. Although we were technically beaten in the 1958 Asian Game, on goal average, by Pakistan, the four-yearly Gold Medal for Olympic hockey has been India's property for more than thirty years.

"Hockey, when you come to think of it, is a development of one of man's most basic instinct, hitting a ball with a stick. Or, to go back further still; hitting an object- any object-with a suitably shaped club. Cricket, of course, has developed in a broadly similar way but, because it is at heart more complicated, it emerged that much later.

"Hockey, indeed, is said to be the oldest of all games played with a ball and a stick. It has had a romantic journey, travelling much the world in search of a home where it would be accorded the respect it deserves. Now in the twentieth century, it has found that home-India."

Origin of Hockey

Some historians believe that hockey first originated in Persia where a crude form of the game was played as far back as 2000 B.C. Later on, it sprang up in many countries. The tales of travellers and invaders carried the game from land to land.

Although the game may or may not have originated in Persia, yet certain European have had very ancient game similar in form to hockey. It is hard to conjecture which country first invented it and which country borrowed it and improved upon it.

In Greece we have the earliest evidence of the game's existence. This is a bas-relief in a wall known to have been built by Themisocles in 514-446 B.C. This illustration is of two players engaged in what clearly resembles the modern "bully".

The historical evidence of its progress-from East to West, and then back to East-is strong. The Red Indian tribes of America seemed to have played a game somewhat similar to hockey for thousands of years.

A crude form of hockey has also been played in India for thousands of years. This game existed under various local names. In the Punjab it was "Khiddo-Khundi" cotton ball and twisted stick.

Calcutta Gave the Lead

As in the case of other games, Calcutta gave the lead when hockey arrived from England in the modern form. In 1885 the first hockey club was formed. Ten years later came the Beighton Cup Tournament in Calcutta and the Agha Khan Tournament in Bombay. These played a great part in the development of competitive hockey. From Calcutta and Bombay hockey spread to the Punjab and was included in the Punjab University Tournament in 1903. The same year Lahore Gymkhana Club was started off with open hockey competition-the Hot Weather Tournament.