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Essay on Good Manners

Good Manners (Essay 1)

Manners make a man. Good manners are admired by all. They make a person a useful member of society. They lend colour and grace to life. They make the machine of life run smoothly. Good manners are even more important than the lows of the state.

We should have good manners at home. We should be respectful to our elders and affectionate to those who are younger to us. We should cooperate with each other in doing household work. We should look at the comforts of each member of the family. We should not damage the school property. We should be helpful to those students who are weak.

Good manners are equally important in social life. We should be courteous and polite to others. In no case, we should lose our temper. We should be polite even while turning down the unfair requests of others. We should treat all as equals. If we are in a company, we should talk less and listen more. We should not hurt the feelings of others. Whenever somebody does us a favour, we should use the words ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.

Essay on Good Manners

Good Manners (Essay 2)

A man is judged by the manners he has. Good manners are not born with the man. They are not available at any cost in the market. They are the things that a man learns from surroundings.

Good manners develop in a man’s mind when he is determined to learn something good. Well behaved children are appreciated and loved by everyone. They become quotable in society. They use words like ‘welcome’, ‘thank you’ and ‘sorry’ etc. These words make them more acceptable and lovable in society.

A good mannered boy never cheats or makes fun of others. He knows the value of tongue and words. So he always speaks in a soft and low voice. He keeps himself clean by taking a daily bath. He keeps a clean handkerchief in his pocket and uses it when he has to sneeze or cough. It will be better for all of us to learn good manners.
Essay on Good Manners

Good Manners (Essay 3)

Good manners mean polite or gentle behaviour, Man is a social being. He lives with his neighbours. In his daily life, he comes in contact with many people. He should be nice to all of them, Then and then only he will be loved by all.

A tree is known by its fruits. Likewise, a man is known by the manners he shows. Man's manners are a fair index of his character. Good manner shows good breeding, bad manner the opposite.

There is no hard and fast rule of good manners. The manners which do not hurt anybody are good manners. In our dealings with others, we are to do something with a mark of politeness. We should do or speak such a thing that pleases others. These things are signs of good manners.

Here are some examples of good manners. When we speak to others, we should speak politely. The listener should be given a chance to speak. In an argument, we should be tolerant to the point of view of others. If we are in the wrong, we should admit it. In meetings or classrooms, we should keep silent. We should be modest in our dealing with anybody even to our servants. These are some of the examples of good manners.

There is no rule of achieving good manners. It may be achieved by cultivating moral and intellectual activities in our private life. Manners are not regulated by law. It may be regulated by a good social environment. However, manners good or bad are infectious. If we show good manners in our dealings, others will learn and behave well. Our bad manners will affect the whole society. It will turn the society into a hell.

A man with impolite behaviour is disliked by all. He is disliked even by the members of his family. In his private life, he hurts the sentiments of others and ultimately he becomes enemy to many.

By all means, a man should behave well. By the good manner, he can make men friends or enemies. Good manners cost nothing. It says something to us. Good manners are of great value to us. We will be judged by the manners we exhibit.

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