Paragraph on "Indian Hockey Federation" -



Paragraph on "Hockey India" -
Hockey has become the Indian national game and our players have been dominating the international scene year after year.

The landmark of hockey in India was 1924 when the Indian Hockey Federation was formed. But the game started much earlier. It is perhaps one of the oldest games in India.

"What at last inspired India to establish the Federation was the decision of the Committee of the Olympic Games to include hockey in their four-yearly meeting. This decision was reached during the 1924 meeting in Paris and straightaway India set to work to organize her hockey so that she could compete for the first Olympic hockey tournament to be held in Amsterdam in 1928."

We have consistently won the Hockey Gold Medal from the 1928 Olympiad onwards. We have been challenged from time to time, but no other nation came close to supremacy in the game, except Pakistan which is a part of the Indian sub-continent. We lost hockey to Pakistan once.

After the 1932 Games, the Los Angeles sports-writers voted our hockey win as "The most outstanding exhibition of skill in any sport."