Essay and Paragraph on "OUTDOOR GAMES" in 437 word -



Essay and Paragraph on "OUTDOOR GAMES" in 437 word -

Games are of two kinds. These are indoor games and outdoor games. Games played inside a house are called indoor games. Those games which are played outside the house and in open air are outdoor games. Football, cricket, basketball, volleyball, hockey, tennis are some of the examples of outdoor games. Of this football is the most interesting game.

Our life becomes monotonous if we do the same work for a continuous time. To get rid of the monotony we arrange for games and sports.  If a student is always busy with his books, his brain gets tired. His body and mind refuse to work. Hence game is necessary for the student to refresh his body and mind.

Outdoor games are of great importance. Regular participation in outdoor games makes one healthy and spirited. A healthy body is a source of joy and pleasure. A sound body is indispensable for a sound mind. Outdoor games help us to maintain a sound mind as well as a sound body. For, we know that physical exercise is necessary in building a sound body. Outdoor games require physical exercise and this physical exercise keeps the body hale and active. Games in fresh air and light are congenial to health.

By participating in outdoor games a player can learn many things. He learns to obey the order of the captain or the leader. He learns to be disciplined and obedient. He learns to co-operate with other players of his team. A team spirit or a sportsman spirit grows in him. He learns to labour hard. He learns to endure. It develops in him the manly qualities. He learns to lead and guide others. Outdoor games teach the players the presence of mind. These make the player prompt and steady. Hence outdoor games have great effects on the players. To become fair to opponents is one of the lessons of outdoor games.

But every good thing has always a bad side. Outdoor games too have their abuses. We should not give excessive exphasis on outdoor games. For, over exercise is harmful to health. If outdoor games are played regularly and in proper measure, they cannot harm us. Particularly the student community should not forget their study while indulging in outdoor games. Participation in outdoor games should be in such a measure that it cannot affect anybody's health.

In conclusion, this much we can say that outdoor games of whatever kind have great value and importance. Nobody can deny the service they render to our body and mind. But we must not forget that too much of anything is bad.

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