Essay and Paragraph on "Students and Social Service" in 500+ word -


Students and Social Service

Essay and Paragraph on "Students and Social Service" in 500+ word -
Social Service is a service to the society. Man lives in society. He is called a social animal. As a member of the society he has to do certain duties for the society. Everyone in the society is dependent on others. So, there must be understanding and co-operation among the different members of the society.

Any work or service for the welfare of the society may be called social service. It is difficult to furnish a list of social services. For social service is of a wide range. It embraces many works done for the upliftment of the society. To remove poverty and illiteracy, to help people in the matters of sanitation, to reconstruct village roads, to clear slums, to plant trees, to give relief to flood-stricken people are some of the social services.

A student is a member of the society. He lives among his brethrens. He has therefore certain duties to the society. He cannot live a secluded life. He should imbibe the ideals of social service in his early life. The first duty of a student is to read.  He is to prepare for life. He cannot, of course, give a wholetime service to society. But during leisure and long vacation he can do some small jobs for the society. He can do these whenever he gets time.

During vacation or leisure students can do various works for the society. For example, they can visit villages and advise the villagers in matters of hygienic and cleanliness. They can clear themselves the village slums. They can start adult education centres and impart education to the illiterate people of the villages. They can go to the flood-affected or cyclone-affected area and arrange for help and relief. They can construct village roads and dams. They can advise people in different fields. They may explain to people the cause of different illness and the principle of sanitation. In this way, the students can serve the community in times of need.

These services benefit not only the society but also themselves. They come close to different people from different areas. They gain practical experience from these work. But they should bear in mind that these duties never hamper their progress in studies.

Most of the great men of the world were social workers. People love them because they worked for the society. Students, therefore, should take the ideal of these great men. They should generate in them a spirit of service to the society from this seed time.